ubuntu new logo Natty NarwhalI could not wait and installed the first Beta of ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal.

A month or so ago I tried out a Alpha version on my old laptop and nothing really happened. Well I saw the fancy new menu but I couldn’t use anything, nothing worked. So I left it at that.

But since the first Beta is out I couldn’t leave it alone and installed it last night. I didn’t like the fancy menu coming from the netbook version of Ubuntu, on the left of your screen. But a quick log out and change of the desktop it was up and running with what pretty much like 10.10.

The boot up time is rather slow on this laptop compared to 10.04, I hope they sort that out before the final release. Some of the GUI is still playing up as in the fancy borders around a button is not there.

Well it is early days so lets see if I find other things and if further updates will fix the errors.