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Month April 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 now with working EXT4 but still no DVD

Suspend works and I can be up and running in less than 12sec now !!! Though suspend does work to some degree. When I come out of suspend if I had some programs running they tent to turn into memory… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 9.04 and on it goes

wow I can now boot up just over a minute !! Since 7.04 my boot time have been close to 1:45. But last night I installed 8.04 update strait to 8.10 and then to 9.04, after a clean format. And… Continue Reading →

sad day :(

Yesterday we lost two fellow cyclist in London. And both lost their lives because of left turning lorries. I do not know the facts, so I’m just saying this from what I have heard and seen before. Please please never… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 9.04 part deux

Got it up and running just fine. I just had to figure out what this ext4 was all about and borked the system, while trying to convert from ext3 to ext4. Now I’m installing 7.10 because that is the only… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 9.04

I couldn’t wait, so I upgraded yesterday to 9.04 beta. And as usual my monitor set up, 2 screens and Nvidia driver played up. So after 2 hours of stabbing in the dark I got the new driver and my… Continue Reading →

Public transport …

… and me just don’t get on. The longer I’m away from it the more I hate it. Riding a bike in London is just much better, short cuts off the busy roads, seeing spring springing, wind in your hair(ok… Continue Reading →

Oh, my dicky ticker! *)

Today while training at a school the kids gave my little heart some extra workout. Kid 1: Came up and took the lane nicely for a right hand turn, but decided that he did not have to give way for… Continue Reading →

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