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Month August 2018

You can escape

A friend said to me the other day – “At least you can escape if you want.  I’m trapped here with a load of rednecks, thickos and xenophobes.  Irish ancestry, but too far back to get a passport.” Well I… Continue Reading →

Social unrest

Hmm settle for a short ramble.  Over the last few weeks (heck even months) we have heard that we are going to use a motorway as an overflow car park, near Dover. The military is being called in to deliver… Continue Reading →

Local authorities are struggling to work out what they need to plan for after the UK leaves the EU

Sky News obtains under Freedom of Information 30 studies on Brexit impact by local councils across the UK making contingencies and expressing concerns as Brexit clock ticks down, from social care, to food/medicines availability, border checks, to “social unrest” …… Continue Reading →

Three blokes in a pub

This video is well worth one hour of your time, many of these questions they answer/explain where gov.uk haven’t.

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