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Month December 2009

xububntu vs ubuntu

I have four issues with ubuntu, wireless, dual monitor, network and DVD. The DVD worked from start (6.04) but somehow stopped working after version 7.10. Wireless just works strait away in the newer versions. And it gets easier to set… Continue Reading →

Pump your lights

Yeah I know you might think I have lost it here, but now I do mean pump your light. As in charge your lights while pumping. Now what a great idea have a light that you charge while pumping or… Continue Reading →

Cycle snacks

The Spanish inventor Pep Torres invented a cycle vending machine. Where you have to cycle to get a treat, e.g. you have to burn some calories before you can eat your candy. Even the Times call this the The Human-Powered… Continue Reading →

Season to be merry

Since the bicycle is under the international Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (1968), a bicycle (or “cycle”, as referenced by the convention) is defined to be a vehicle and a cyclist is considered to be a driver. The argument that… Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Bike

Now this is a great project and a very uplifting short film, Beauty and the Bike. If they can get teenage girls to start to cycle again in Darlington, why not elsewhere here in the UK. They are right teenagers… Continue Reading →

LGV Cycle Safety – epetition response

Remember this epetition, ‘Cyclists THINK! Watch out for HGVs‘ (that I wrote about there, SillyCylist IV). I just got an email saying that the Prime Minister’s Office have now answered to it. The Government shares Ms Clegg’s concern about the… Continue Reading →

Lego Halo Fan Movie

I’m not a gamer and only know what I have read the odd place about the game called Halo. But I am a Lego person and when I spotted this trailer the other week, I was amazed. I had take… Continue Reading →

Pardo, a tricycle ?

Now this tricycle looks a bit mad in a good way. Instead of pedalling you have to kick/push with your legs to get the trike to move forward. It does looks fast and very suspensioned (if that is a word)… Continue Reading →

What are the odds ?

Humans really baffle me. If I were an betting man I wouldn’t put money on us lot passing our 30th year. And yet we quite often pass the average age of 70-odd years. The amount of stupid things I see… Continue Reading →


Looking at this video below, which reminds me of cycling in Denmark in the snow. If you can’t see the embedded movie click here to see it I have cycled in weather like this or worse. Sometimes I could not… Continue Reading →

Take the 2 mile bicycle challenge

I fell over this article on Planet Green the other day, Take the 2 Mile Bicycle Challenge. Which states that 40 percent of everyday travel in the U.S. are trips of 2 miles or fewer, which got me thinking what… Continue Reading →

LEGO history

I don’t read the Daily Wail, well only there is something about cycling or LEGO. Their article, “When Lego lost its head – and how this toy story got its’ happy ending” is pretty good and tell us how LEGO… Continue Reading →

LEGO winter

Since London, well south of England and other bit of this country is do for a bit of show over the next few days. I post these amazing LEGO Star Wars photo taken by a Finish photographer called Avanaut. The… Continue Reading →

Fill that hole update

11 days ago I filled in a request to fill a hole on Hortensia Road, SW10. Today I cycled up the road and lo and behold the hole had been filled. Though it does look like, “pad some tarmac” onto… Continue Reading →

Copenhagen COP15, a rant

It is simple, why can’t we get on with it and do it ? 1/ If the global warming, running out of oil etc is wrong and we do have plenty and there is nothing worry about. 2/ It is… Continue Reading →

Start riding now

Today I read this article over on the Telegraph, Copenhagen climate conference Danes launch campaign to get the world cycling. And it got me wondering why the UK has such a hard time in get on their bikes. The first… Continue Reading →

Things that just blow your mind

Today on my daily crawl on the ‘tinternet I fell over two things that just made me go wow. First one was a picture from the Hubble telescope, a Ultra Deep Field Image, showing the oldest galaxies ever seen, 600… Continue Reading →

La Linea

La Linea is one of my favourite cartoons. Danish television use to show this quite often when I was a kid, kinda as a pause, break thing between programs. I just fell over this one today and it made me… Continue Reading →

Fill that hole

I have heard about this program that CTC is running called Fill That Hole. I haven’t tried it out before or heard any success stories. But there is a few holes about on my commute that is really annoying me…. Continue Reading →

Dream job.

Who as a kid wanted to become a fire fighter ? I did and that dream is back, if I only could drive around in this thing everyday fighting fires, I would be a happy boy. LINK : Gizmodo :… Continue Reading →

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