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Month May 2010

Ealing bike hub

Heads up for you folks in Ealing or there about. A friend of mine have set up Ealing Bike Hup, a simply top idea. We’re a completely voluntary group with a passion for bicycles. Part of the Ealing Cycling Campaign… Continue Reading →

Massive LEGO update I

Sorry I have been a bit slack on posting about LEGO lately, so here is an update. One of my all time favourite arcade games is Pac-Man and now someone have made this machine, so that you can play all… Continue Reading →

Don’t panic !

May the 25th is the best day of they year, a great day to celebrate not only DNA‘s life, your own and everything. The great and slightly mad people at Google has brought the actual bath top that DNA spent… Continue Reading →

How to protect your bike against thieves

LCC and Southwark Cyclist have made this little video about how to lock your bicycle. Yes make it harder for the thief to nick your bicycle. So two locks, through the frame and back wheel at least and something locking… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist XIII

Hooooly sssshhhittt …. Click here to see this little clip http://www.youtube.com/ – CyclingMikey’s Channel Sorry for the strong words here, but how the f@&k can you be this stupid. Nearly hurt herself and another fellow cyclist and just jumped off… Continue Reading →

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