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Month August 2009

28 a new …

… record.   This is a picture of our trip to Wales this coming weekend. 2 passengers, via Birmingham to Wales with 2 bicycles on public transport and back. Great value for these ticket Euston to Machynlleth and back for… Continue Reading →

Prince of Wales Drive, SW11

If you are cycling down Albert Bridge Road and want to turn into Prince of Wales Drive, you will find this little gem. View Larger Map As you can see that the cycle lane goes up and over the pavement… Continue Reading →

A new name …

… for a old game. Why do they still call it cricket ? Honestly how many cricket have you see at a game of cricket, probably less than the amount of sticks you see at a test match *). 12… Continue Reading →


So in my attempt to show that this London Cycle Hire Scheme is on for a hard time. I went out today to find out what the other cycle hire scheme is called and have a look at how it… Continue Reading →

Ding Day 2009

I have been blogging too much about the SillyCyclist and SillyCycleLanes as of late and forgot about the fun things. For the second year running (AFAIK) there will be a Ding Day on the 9th of Sept. I forgot all… Continue Reading →

Does Dream Cream …

… make you dream more ? Around 2 months ago Peli’s mum gave us a pot of Dream Cream from Lush, thank you. Don’t get me wrong it is a very good cream and I have used too, but not… Continue Reading →

London Cycle Hire scheme

Is looking like it is taking off just fine with getting a company to run it, who is already doing the same in Montreal and by the looks of it also Boston. The London Cycle Hire Scheme will be a… Continue Reading →

King Street, SW6

Cycling from Chiswick into Hammersmith on King Street, Sw6. You will be led on to yet another contraflow cycle lane, which is again bad for you. View Larger Map On the one way bit of King Street starting from Hammersmith… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu One …

… lets you share your files with others. Sync your files, share your work with others or work remotely, all with your Ubuntu (9.04) computers. I have just signed up for the 2Gb free option, there is 10Gb which you… Continue Reading →

Cycle Fridays

Transport for London has set up Cycle Fridays to help you got back your bike and start commuting. You can choose from six routes, all heading to central London. They set off at 08:00 every Friday from 14 August to… Continue Reading →

Bus pass for under 16s.

The other day I was talking with a PE teacher, whom said that the free bus passes for under 16s is a very bad idea. Simply because the kids would take the bus for just one stop. They would happily… Continue Reading →

Cutting congestion in London.

If we really want to cut down on the congestion and pollution in a big city like London. We got to cut down on how many bus stops there are. View Larger Map Look at the map above, it is… Continue Reading →

Bright idea …

… from EDF The post man handed me today 4 low energy light bulbs today. 2 x 60W and 2 x 75W, all baronet fittings no screw fittings. All our light fitting which got baronet fittings does have a low… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist III

While I was telling my trainee how to fit her helmet, I got some help by a fellow cyclist. As the cyclist zoomed past it was not hard for me to show my trainee what not to do. The cyclist… Continue Reading →

A heart attack …

… on a plate. I just couldn’t resist today and went down to the local cafe and got … 2 eggs on a fried slice 3 slices of bacon1 fried tomato1 slice of black pudding2 sausages2 toastbeansa big serving of… Continue Reading →

Hugon Road, SW6

If you are cycling along on Peterborough Road, you will see national cycling route 4 is turning down Hugon Road. Which is a one way road coming onto Peterborough Road, with a contraflow cycling lane. Please don’t use it, as… Continue Reading →

Hmm, I didn’t know …

… that I had. I received this text message today from +44 7719 385412 Our records indicate you may be entitled to 3750 pounds compensation for the Accident you had. To claim for free reply YES to this msg. 2… Continue Reading →

BSOs please don’t.

Yes I know it is a bit old news but I just have to say it again. Please don’t go to a shop that “sells bicycles” but go to a “bicycle shop”, see the different ? A shop that sells… Continue Reading →

Cows, Obama and …

… cake delivery. For some reason I was hired along with quite a few cyclist to deliver cake for Obama, in my dream last night. Because his motor convoy got delayed on his way to a rally. So this massive… Continue Reading →

Come on, time …

… hurry the feck up !!! Order ConfirmationEvent: EDDIE IZZARD : StrippedVenue: O2 ArenaTime: Thursday, December 3 at 8:00 PMQuantity: 2 o/ Oh yeah in other news we also booked our tickets for our trip to Wales over the Bank… Continue Reading →

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