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Are you happy with this?

Just read these two links below, and think about what you voted for and that report that came out (“leaked”) over the weekend. Though Yellowhammer as been talked about for month/years if you just had paid attention … https://twitter.com/NoraMulready/status/1163728282778505217 and… Continue Reading →

Just take it easy, man.

I’m not really a religious person at all, but I do believe that you should “take it easy, man”. To much stress for no reason we all need to chill a bit more. That is where Dudeism comes in nice… Continue Reading →

Save the Herne Hill Velodrome

I have never been there, something has always come up, but would really like to one day. Today I found this and this velodrome have to be saved. For many reasons Olympic history, for London, for cycling etc. Please join… Continue Reading →

39 stone cyclist (not any more)

This is a great story and he got me beat with 16 stones, way to go ! I was at 20+ stones (130kg give or take) when I started to cycle again. It was hard to get back in the… Continue Reading →

After effect of the SKY rides

So this is a few days after the big SKY ride in London and nearly a few months since the Ealing one. The Ealing one was a great success, I saw since I was working there. Many thousand happy cycles… Continue Reading →

Changes in the air

Well I have now read two articles in the Daily Mail which is about cycling where cyclist are not being put out to hang. No they are rather good articles and articles that is normally seen in the Guardian or… Continue Reading →

Expotitions by BoyCycle

A friend of mine’s offspring, is taking on a four days ride in support of Epidermolysis Bullosa is a genetic condition and have set up a JustGiving site too. In two week’s time Zak (my 8 year old) and I… Continue Reading →

Cycle Show 2010

From the 7th of October until the 12th of October is the time to look at some bicycle related p0rn at the Cycle Show @ Earls Court, London. The Cycle Show once again sets the scene for all cycling fans… Continue Reading →

Shweeb – cost-effective transport solution

I just fell over this on my daily crawl tru’ the internet. All I can honestly say about this, it is a great roller-coaster. Taking the cyclist away from the roads ain’t the way to go. A bicycle is a… Continue Reading →

Free E-books from London cyclist

Londoncyclist.co.uk have produced two eBooks, Guide to Cycling in London and Bicycle Maintenance Made Ridiculously Easy, free for you to download. I have had quick scan of these two eBook and I enjoyed then, very well written and full of… Continue Reading →

Use Your Head – Stop at Red

Now this is something good. I hope that you’ll sign this, if you haven’t already. We (cyclists) are only hurting ourselves if we keep red light jumping (RLJ) and breaking the Highway Code in other ways. The more cyclists who… Continue Reading →

Sleeping police men

Is it just me that is annoyed by the the so called sleeping police men, that are scattered all around our fine city to calm down the traffic. 1/ They do invite you as a cyclist to move into the… Continue Reading →

World bicycle relief

World bicycle relief is something that I can support and will. They are training people how to fix a bicycle in a place where there isn’t a bicycle shop that can service your bicycle for 400 km. The bicycles they… Continue Reading →

FREE (TfL) guided cycle rides

Register your interest for FREE guided cycle rides on 14th July today. Your marshals will greet you at 7.30 and give you a basic bike check before setting off at 7.45. (As Kingston is a little further from central London… Continue Reading →

Sustrans scheme for the unemployed

Now this is a scheme I can get behind. Get unemployed out there to create cycle lanes, it will help them in the future so that they can have an enjoyable ride to work, school or over to mates Sustrans… Continue Reading →

Irish cycle to work scheme

Not just here in London that cycling has taken off, the Irish cycle to work scheme has seen membership increase by 125% in just 12 months. A survey carried out by www.bikescheme.ie shows Cycle to Work Scheme participation has increased… Continue Reading →

SillyDriver II

Why is it that you as a driver are more than happy to drive behind a other motor vehicle at 2mph or sit and wait in a queue that is going nowhere fast. But for the life of you, you… Continue Reading →

Bounce !

Thank you all for coming and all the facebook, email, sms or how ever you managed to congrats me :) I had a splendid day, didn’t have time to talk to you all long enough, I think there was at… Continue Reading →

Flying the flag

Once in a while the UK PLC have tradition were you show how good your driving skills are. We are now coming into one of these seasons aka the world cup in football. Great for us cyclist and other road… Continue Reading →

Skyrides dates

The dates are out, ok I’m a bit slow to post them. While Team Sky’s professional road-racing team aims to take on the world, Sky Ride aims to get more people of all ages and abilities out on their bikes… Continue Reading →

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