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Month June 2009

Cycling around HGV’s

The other day I was doing a session about the issues surrounding sharing the road with HGV’s. We talked to cyclist and had vehicles to discuss and walk around, there was experienced drivers to talk and give them a view… Continue Reading →

Cycling on the beat

Today I saw 12 cycling police officers coming down New Kings Road. 2-3 of them was covering their brakes 1-2 of them looked back to check behind them 12 of them was cycling in the door zone And 1 of… Continue Reading →

362 days to go …

… and I will be getting a a bouncy castle for my birthday party :) So mark it in your calender, that you are invited to my birthday on the 12th of June 2010. Here is for good weather that… Continue Reading →

Cycling in DK vs UK Part IV

Other road users When I learned to drive in Denmark, was told to pull right next to the kerb to block cyclist coming up on your inside into your blind spot. Even on roundabouts the other road users gave way… Continue Reading →

Cycling in DK vs UK Part III

Road positioning When cycling on road where there is no cycle lane, the Danes are right in the gutter, even on outside of the road markings. Not giving yourself much space if the road is at a bad state, though… Continue Reading →

Cycling in DK vs UK Part II

The 3 C’s To see and To be seen and Communicate is probably the most important thing I can teach people who are learning to cycle. While cycling around in Denmark, I did not see much looking back checking what… Continue Reading →

Cycling in DK vs UK Part I

In Denmark the wind is our mountains. Because it is so flat but the wind makes up for the hilly bits. While cycling around in Denmark I noticed that most of the bikes people are commuting on are the “sit… Continue Reading →

Tube strike …

… causes chaos to London commuters. Yeah it was a pain for me to ride to work today. I really do hope that this is the last ever tube strike, because I can’t handle this. I’m mean it took me… Continue Reading →

Smells a bit …

… like burning, I was thinking when turned on my PC the other day. Just got back from holidays, needed to backup the 300+ photos we took. So hit the power switch on the PC tower, and after a bit… Continue Reading →

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