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Month July 2010

Shweeb – cost-effective transport solution

I just fell over this on my daily crawl tru’ the internet. All I can honestly say about this, it is a great roller-coaster. Taking the cyclist away from the roads ain’t the way to go. A bicycle is a… Continue Reading →

Free E-books from London cyclist

Londoncyclist.co.uk have produced two eBooks, Guide to Cycling in London and Bicycle Maintenance Made Ridiculously Easy, free for you to download. I have had quick scan of these two eBook and I enjoyed then, very well written and full of… Continue Reading →

Use Your Head – Stop at Red

Now this is something good. I hope that you’ll sign this, if you haven’t already. We (cyclists) are only hurting ourselves if we keep red light jumping (RLJ) and breaking the Highway Code in other ways. The more cyclists who… Continue Reading →

Bike Doctor App

Just as I stopped using my iPhone look at the new application that came out, Bike Doctor App. I wonder if they are going to make an app for the phone I’m using now. Never again get caught out whilst… Continue Reading →

Velo-City and Streetfilms

I totally forgot and missed out on something great. As you can see on this StreetFilms film from Velo-City 2010 in Copenhagen, see below. This film is Copenhagen seen through North American eyes, as they say it took a long… Continue Reading →

Bicycle lawn mower

I can remember years ago where I was cutting grass for my folks, neighbours etc to get some pocket money. I enjoyed doing it at my grandparents since granddad always kept the lawn mower sharp and well oiled and my… Continue Reading →

Sleeping police men

Is it just me that is annoyed by the the so called sleeping police men, that are scattered all around our fine city to calm down the traffic. 1/ They do invite you as a cyclist to move into the… Continue Reading →

World bicycle relief

World bicycle relief is something that I can support and will. They are training people how to fix a bicycle in a place where there isn’t a bicycle shop that can service your bicycle for 400 km. The bicycles they… Continue Reading →

Children should be encouraged to ride to school

You must have read the article about the family in south London who, shockingly, let their children cycle to school. Good on them, I say. Now Sustrans says that children should be encouraged to ride to school not prohibited, which… Continue Reading →

FREE (TfL) guided cycle rides

Register your interest for FREE guided cycle rides on 14th July today. Your marshals will greet you at 7.30 and give you a basic bike check before setting off at 7.45. (As Kingston is a little further from central London… Continue Reading →

Sustrans scheme for the unemployed

Now this is a scheme I can get behind. Get unemployed out there to create cycle lanes, it will help them in the future so that they can have an enjoyable ride to work, school or over to mates Sustrans… Continue Reading →

Irish cycle to work scheme

Not just here in London that cycling has taken off, the Irish cycle to work scheme has seen membership increase by 125% in just 12 months. A survey carried out by www.bikescheme.ie shows Cycle to Work Scheme participation has increased… Continue Reading →

Massive LEGO update II

Yeah I’m getting a wee bit lazy and therefore only put my LEGO news in one post now and again, so here is Massive LEGO update number II. For you Facebook addicts here is a LEGO version of it, Facebook… Continue Reading →

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