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Month November 2011

The Fourty Legs

Way back when in 1984-86 I was learning this new thing called computers. We had these lovely machines called Piccolo and later upgraded the Piccoline, green screen and big clunky keyboards. NAME RC759 Piccoline MANUFACTURER Regnecentralen TYPE Professional Computer ORIGIN… Continue Reading →


Hmm ever since I installed Ubuntu 11.11 on my Dell 13 laptop, this thing has popped up in my running processes, e-addressbook-factory. Which from what I understand is linked to Evolution, which I do not use, so why does it… Continue Reading →

lubuntu 11.04 on HP Mini 110-3500

I tried to run ubuntu 11.10 on our little HP Mini 110-3500, the GUI and Unity is clearly made for a bigger screen and didn’t really fly along. Probably because it only had 1Gb RAM to play with, even with… Continue Reading →

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