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Month October 2011

There is no spoon

This, is right up there with the fact that we send shrimps caught in the North Sea to China to be peeled before they are shipped home to the supermarkets. Yes it is nice and convenient for us but we… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 11.10 power manager

11.10 power manager is a bit broken I think. My laptop had a fully charged battery, I then pulled out the power cord and Ubuntu told me that the battery is critical low and turned off the laptop. I could… Continue Reading →

Winter is comming

Winter must be around the corner. I figured out that by the amount of ugg booth spam I’m getting. It has even beaten my urgent need for Viagra and a longer private part according the to gospel of spam. I’m… Continue Reading →

Cold Callers

I have learnt that it is good to present yourself when you meet a new person. So you call a random phone number or knock on some random front door. It would be great if you tell the person you… Continue Reading →

Who to blame

After yet another tragic death in London, where my thoughts are with the family, it made me think, so sorry for my ramblings below. I do not know the precise details of how this latest incident happened, but it was… Continue Reading →

Testing a newsletter plugin.

I was looking for a newsletter plugin for wordpress. I found the one from Satollo simply called newsletter, there is also a pro version. What I really like about it is that it is easy to learn how to drive… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 11.10 beta

Why don’t I ever learn ? I couldn’t resist yesterday and typed in “update manager -d” in the terminal. The download and install just happened and the laptop restarted to finalise the update just fine. I really do like the… Continue Reading →

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