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May 2009

And we are off …

… on our holidays ;) Typical for cheap flight we are up at stupid o'clock, but we taking our bikes and will be gone for a week o/

Don’t Panic …

… I found my towel. After a frantic minute rushing around the flat, after I found out that it was International Towel Day today, I found my towel, phew. http://www.towelday.org/ On another note : what happened 3 posts in one… Continue Reading →

Where is my …

… pond ? This afternoon this lovely couple paid us a visit. I hope they were just resting on their way to a pond, because they could end up as number 24 at the local Chinese, knowing this neighborhood :)

There is hope :)

I was training a wee lad yesterday, he was clearly getting to big for the bike, just give it a week and he would be. So I told his daddy that it would be a good time to spend some… Continue Reading →

Are you sitting …

… down ? We had a bank holiday with SUN ! I just wonder how man people who will not be making it to work tomorrow, because the Brits aren’t good with the sun, can you say lobster ? Anywho,… Continue Reading →

Look and See

Everyday I see people just blindly moving through traffic, not a care in the world. Example 1: Lady on a bike. I was cycling a fair distance behind her so I was seeing everything nice and clearly. Going down Kings… Continue Reading →

Benthal Green tube startion …

… for some reason have more bicycles stored outside compared to other tube stations I see. I do wonder why, there is not many offices or the like near by to be the reason for it. And if people do… Continue Reading →

How do you do it …

… every day? Had to take the tube today at rush hour, quelle horreur.It was not helped with the amount of junk flying around in the air either. I don’t suffer from hay fever, but when the threes and other… Continue Reading →

This bank holiday …

… was spent sleeping in, surfing the net, watching the box and then a walk down to a rather nice pub where I enjoyed a pint of T.E.A while listening to the locals having a sing song. Ain’t bank hoildays… Continue Reading →

You learn something new, every day.

Today I was teaching a young girl how to cycle. After the lesson, I was checking if she had learned something today. So I asked her what the ABC check*) stood for, if she could remember the 4xBs**) and she… Continue Reading →

Chronophobia …

… the fear of time. Over the last few months every time I look to see what time it is, be it on the phone, PC, cycling computer or a clock on some building that I was passing. It has… Continue Reading →

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