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Hmm ever since I installed Ubuntu 11.11 on my Dell 13 laptop, this thing has popped up in my running processes, e-addressbook-factory. Which from what I understand is linked to Evolution, which I do not use, so why does it… Continue Reading →

lubuntu 11.04 on HP Mini 110-3500

I tried to run ubuntu 11.10 on our little HP Mini 110-3500, the GUI and Unity is clearly made for a bigger screen and didn’t really fly along. Probably because it only had 1Gb RAM to play with, even with… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 11.10 power manager

11.10 power manager is a bit broken I think. My laptop had a fully charged battery, I then pulled out the power cord and Ubuntu told me that the battery is critical low and turned off the laptop. I could… Continue Reading →

Testing a newsletter plugin.

I was looking for a newsletter plugin for wordpress. I found the one from Satollo simply called newsletter, there is also a pro version. What I really like about it is that it is easy to learn how to drive… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 11.10 beta

Why don’t I ever learn ? I couldn’t resist yesterday and typed in “update manager -d” in the terminal. The download and install just happened and the laptop restarted to finalise the update just fine. I really do like the… Continue Reading →

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

This is a funny one, I’m just writing this from roughly memory. You run “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade” Ubuntu tells you that it needs to download say 25Mb and after that operation it will be using around… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu – the Narwhal edition.

I could not wait and installed the first Beta of ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. A month or so ago I tried out a Alpha version on my old laptop and nothing really happened. Well I saw the fancy new menu… Continue Reading →

Music on ubuntu

I can’t live without music and I have it on all the time and therefore have constant growing collection of music, 26,000+ tracks. Things I look for in a media player 1/ Can play my collection over the network *… Continue Reading →

Computer updates

There is some truth in this cartoon from stickycomics.com. Ubuntu: can be rather annoying too if you have set it to check for update everyday. Though if you turn that off, Ubuntu will not scream at you and nag you… Continue Reading →

Windows 7 vs xubuntu 9.10

My old Sony *) laptop got retired last week since it was way to noisy and was doing my head in, so after a lot of looking around I got a Dell **). The Sony is a great laptop and… Continue Reading →

xububntu vs ubuntu

I have four issues with ubuntu, wireless, dual monitor, network and DVD. The DVD worked from start (6.04) but somehow stopped working after version 7.10. Wireless just works strait away in the newer versions. And it gets easier to set… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Network Share

I do love using Ubuntu and have done so since 6.04. It has clearly become better and easier to set up and play with over the years. Though the only thing I still fight with is the Nvidia graphic card… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 9.10

It is getting closer. And I couldn’t wait so a couple weeks back I updated my other PC and it all fell over, yes yes I know don’t touch an Alpha if you don’t know what you are doing. But… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu One …

… lets you share your files with others. Sync your files, share your work with others or work remotely, all with your Ubuntu (9.04) computers. I have just signed up for the 2Gb free option, there is 10Gb which you… Continue Reading →

Smells a bit …

… like burning, I was thinking when turned on my PC the other day. Just got back from holidays, needed to backup the 300+ photos we took. So hit the power switch on the PC tower, and after a bit… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 9.04 now with working EXT4 but still no DVD

Suspend works and I can be up and running in less than 12sec now !!! Though suspend does work to some degree. When I come out of suspend if I had some programs running they tent to turn into memory… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 9.04 and on it goes

wow I can now boot up just over a minute !! Since 7.04 my boot time have been close to 1:45. But last night I installed 8.04 update strait to 8.10 and then to 9.04, after a clean format. And… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 9.04 part deux

Got it up and running just fine. I just had to figure out what this ext4 was all about and borked the system, while trying to convert from ext3 to ext4. Now I’m installing 7.10 because that is the only… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 9.04

I couldn’t wait, so I upgraded yesterday to 9.04 beta. And as usual my monitor set up, 2 screens and Nvidia driver played up. So after 2 hours of stabbing in the dark I got the new driver and my… Continue Reading →

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