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Month March 2010

Plea to parent part II

Today a trainee at one of the schools I’m working at at the moment came up and said that she’d got a new bicycle over the weekend. Lucky girl, I said. Let’s go down and check it out before we… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist X

A couple of days ago, four of the six cyclist following me down Chiswick High Road was wearing helmets. And all four of them were jumping the red lights, hmmm. Please do remember wearing an helmet does not make your… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist vs SillyCycleLanes

TfL have started to build, or rather paint, the new cycle super highways around London. The first pictures I have seen are, in one word, crap. Not thought-out or well-planned. Simply a dash of blue paint randomly added at a… Continue Reading →

Here boy !

I’m in the process in talking Peli into getting a dog. I have always had a dog, well ok the last 15 years while living the in England or France, I haven’t had a dog. I have always enjoyed the… Continue Reading →

The London Classic, Sunday April the 11th 2010

Why am I always the last to know, I would have loved this. The London Classic is an urban cycling event run entirely in er…London. It features some climbs, some famous places, some infamous places and lots of cobbles –… Continue Reading →

Windows 7 vs xubuntu 9.10

My old Sony *) laptop got retired last week since it was way to noisy and was doing my head in, so after a lot of looking around I got a Dell **). The Sony is a great laptop and… Continue Reading →

Scared of cars

When I teach a group of kids on how to cycle on the road, I quite often find a quiet T-junction or quiet side road to talk them through the drill we are about to teach them. Mainly so that… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist IX

Rule number one of cycling in London : never go on the inside of a bus or HGV. Stay behind and let it do what it gotta do, you will still get there before them, and most of all, you’ll… Continue Reading →

Cycling with Google

Google have now added route planning on their maps for bicycles. I have missed that for some time, since I always have hit Google Maps to see where I’m going and then started to plan my route. But only to… Continue Reading →

East 2010, 4-9th of March

I just got the head up for this, too bad that I’m up north these days so I can’t join. EAST 2010, running from 4 to 9 of March 2010 in London, which will take people on a tour of… Continue Reading →

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