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Pretty Good Privacy, anyone?

Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once. Do any of you lot ever use PGP? I for one don’t have or write anything worth hiding behind PGP. I can only think about one maybe two people, that I… Continue Reading →

New Gmail update

I’m not sure how I feel about the new Gmail update both on Android and in browser. Read their blog post about it here – A new inbox that puts you back in control. First what I like about the… Continue Reading →

wordpress and Gallery3 and .htaccess

I run wordpress.com on my various blogs and on www.woollypigs.com/galleries I run Gallery3 to show my photos from our travels. For some reason the bog standard set up of these two don’t seem to like each other on my host…. Continue Reading →

Gmail vs google+

Hmm I noticed last night that in my Gmail I had a new label(folder) called circle. Which at first I was sure was just a short cut to my various circles. Only today I tried to click on it to… Continue Reading →

The Fourty Legs

Way back when in 1984-86 I was learning this new thing called computers. We had these lovely machines called Piccolo and later upgraded the Piccoline, green screen and big clunky keyboards. NAME RC759 Piccoline MANUFACTURER Regnecentralen TYPE Professional Computer ORIGIN… Continue Reading →


Hmm ever since I installed Ubuntu 11.11 on my Dell 13 laptop, this thing has popped up in my running processes, e-addressbook-factory. Which from what I understand is linked to Evolution, which I do not use, so why does it… Continue Reading →

lubuntu 11.04 on HP Mini 110-3500

I tried to run ubuntu 11.10 on our little HP Mini 110-3500, the GUI and Unity is clearly made for a bigger screen and didn’t really fly along. Probably because it only had 1Gb RAM to play with, even with… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 11.10 power manager

11.10 power manager is a bit broken I think. My laptop had a fully charged battery, I then pulled out the power cord and Ubuntu told me that the battery is critical low and turned off the laptop. I could… Continue Reading →

Winter is comming

Winter must be around the corner. I figured out that by the amount of ugg booth spam I’m getting. It has even beaten my urgent need for Viagra and a longer private part according the to gospel of spam. I’m… Continue Reading →

Testing a newsletter plugin.

I was looking for a newsletter plugin for wordpress. I found the one from Satollo simply called newsletter, there is also a pro version. What I really like about it is that it is easy to learn how to drive… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 11.10 beta

Why don’t I ever learn ? I couldn’t resist yesterday and typed in “update manager -d” in the terminal. The download and install just happened and the laptop restarted to finalise the update just fine. I really do like the… Continue Reading →

Goodbye one.com

So after many emails and chat sessions with one.com about their slow servers and down times. I decided it was time to pack my bags and go else where. I chatted to the fellas at yakhost.co.uk, very friendly and helpful…. Continue Reading →

What is going on over at one.com

I have used one.com since May 2005, they were called b-one.com back then. They have been brilliant, telling me via email when there was an update and I could expect some down time on my site. They Live Chat has… Continue Reading →

WordPress 3.1.4

Is it just me that think that it is faster than the old version or has my hosting company fettled something behind the scenes? Since yesterday when I updated my blogs have behaved, no more lack of memory and the… Continue Reading →

Google products

If you asked Random Joe about what product Google have, they would prolly say search, maps and the little more techy would say Gmail. But Google has if not hundreds of program. If you are not a nerd like me… Continue Reading →

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

This is a funny one, I’m just writing this from roughly memory. You run “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade” Ubuntu tells you that it needs to download say 25Mb and after that operation it will be using around… Continue Reading →

Photographing LEGO

I had this idea a few days ago and took some photos of one of my favourite pastime, LEGO. I am an avid reader of Gizmodo but totally missed out on this shooting challenge : LEGO. (click here to see… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu – the Narwhal edition.

I could not wait and installed the first Beta of ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. A month or so ago I tried out a Alpha version on my old laptop and nothing really happened. Well I saw the fancy new menu… Continue Reading →

10 plugins for wordpress

Two years ago I moved from blogger to self hosted wordpress for my blog. For a various reasons, I was curious what this wordpress was, more control over my post (e.g. backup) and that I could easier modify the templates… Continue Reading →

Social media

I’m on one or two of these, ok a few more of them. And if you work them well you can get good traffic to your website or blog. I do not run websites and blogs that gets lots of… Continue Reading →

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