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Month March 2009

Spring is …

… here in London! The weather have just been lovely, I even managed to enjoy it while I was sick. Just the last 2 days have been just beautiful there is no reason for me to go back to work… Continue Reading →

No lake, better check Google Earth

In my dream last night I was getting someone to run across a dried out lake in a forest in Denmark. I woke up enough to to go “I’ll better check it out on Google Earth, because I can’t remember… Continue Reading →

Bling your bike

I was doing a parent and child Dr. Bike session the other day. The school had a “dress your bike up” day and every bike had been done up in some way. The clear winner was the “kitchen bike”. Now… Continue Reading →

Thank you

I was out teaching 15 kids to cycle safely on the road over the winter break. Some of the best kids I have taught for a long time. They were all nice and quiet and on the ball. I normally… Continue Reading →

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