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Month December 2019

I’m raging

So someone kills a fox with a bat and people on twitter goes mad and the top 4 trending topics are about foxes, cruelty and the person who killed said fox. Yes I agree not the best way to dispatch… Continue Reading →

Black dog

Never really been visited by the black dog. Yes, I have been down and sad, but it’s been because of death or other bad news and surprisingly these have been short and mild periods compared to this. I think the… Continue Reading →


Call 116 123 for free (UK)Yesterday I called the Samaritans, not to get help* but to thank them for their great work, I could throw £££ at them but it will mean nothing to me, but I will throw £££… Continue Reading →

Don’t live here anymore

Well that is it, I don’t live here anymore. I just exist/visit/part time or what ever you can call it. Yes, there is a few pints in me this evening. But the country I loved to live in and called… Continue Reading →


I know I don’t often write/rant here anymore, but that is because the whole Brexit thing is just so bad, every day something worse, more lies comes out. But today was a right old blow to the gut after nearly… Continue Reading →

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