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Month November 2009

Old boy racers get on their bikes

So what is stopping you ? “Every week on the roads around Glasgow a group of men aged between 65 and 89 take to the saddle, armed with a makeshift kettle and a lust for life.” If these you lads… Continue Reading →

LEGO sorter, wrong.

Sorry this is showing my age. I’m from the old school of LEGO, back when the most fancy piece we had was a roof tile. The joy of play with LEGO is to search for that bit you just saw… Continue Reading →

Abandoned, to a better home

There is a thread over on yacf about “Abandonment”, simply put bicycles that have been left by their owners. Though, I do think that most of the “left” bicycles are the last stop in the chain in a stolen story…. Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist VII

I’m sure that you will come across this road sign on your daily commute. And I ask you, SillyCyclist, do you really know what it means? What it does mean … “Shared pedal cycle and pedestrian route. Cyclists give way… Continue Reading →

LEGO Matrix

It have now been ten years since the Matrix was made. Here is a amazing little LEGO’mation of one of the famous scene. It took 440 hours of work and it was made just in time for the 10th anniversary… Continue Reading →

LEGO soul

What ever you say Lego does have a soul. The more you play with Lego the more alive it becomes. So when ever you build a house, car or a walking space shuttle with rolling feet’s that you use to… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Network Share

I do love using Ubuntu and have done so since 6.04. It has clearly become better and easier to set up and play with over the years. Though the only thing I still fight with is the Nvidia graphic card… Continue Reading →

Well it is Friday the 13th

Our combi boiler have a ghost in it, two to three times a day it goes starts off on its own, around 10am, 4pm and 3am, every day. Click, click, stop, start, burn, click, click, start, stop and then more… Continue Reading →

Lock your bike right

I can’t remember the numbers, but stolen bicycles are on the rise, I think one every minute or was it more ? just one bicycle stolen is bad news. But there is hope you can help, with some simple tricks…. Continue Reading →

SillyDriver I

Well since I have the SillyCyclist and SillyCyclelLanes going I thought that it would be a good idea to also have a SillyDriver section. And I will start this section off with a small pop quiz. Q: Picture this, you… Continue Reading →

Goldfish effect

I hope that you do as I do and others do “ride wide”, Charlotte puts it better than I so I hope that she don’t mind that I quote her, in her post I ride wide. Apparently, the consensus of… Continue Reading →

.citycycling – issue53

.citycycling issue 53 is out now, get it while it is still hot of the press. In this month issue we got … .shoes, chefs and cycling, cath, the other cycling wiggins .sociological deconstruction, … or a cycling travelogue .a… Continue Reading →

Self-Powered Laser For Safer Night Cycling

This is a self powered laser light, the battery that is recharged via a dynamo and this is what it does … The laser draws an ellipse of light that is sensitive to anything crossing the perimeter. If a car… Continue Reading →

Stay young

Please never grow old it is boring. Here are five things to do to help you stay young, since it is fall I’ll start there. Fall : seen all the fallen leaves? Give them a good kicking, it’s great fun… Continue Reading →

Recycle your bicycle

Today when I went out with our recycle box to our recycle bin, I found a bicycle inside. Well it was a classic BSO and in bad nick. Unfortunately, your LBS will not take this bicycle in and give it… Continue Reading →

How we as cyclist are seen

The fella on ibikelondon has a valid point in his article, Public face of cycling. We now have an image of cyclist which either scared others off the idea of riding a bicycle. Trying to get new people to start… Continue Reading →

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