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Month April 2010

Ghostbusters or Father Merrin

A few weeks ago I blogged about Ghost visitations and since then we have had more. First it was my Surly LHT that had its back wheel playing up, then Peli’s Eva front wheel and now Tuesday night Pia was… Continue Reading →

Why Richard Branson?

“So, Richard, just to follow up on our talk yesterday I’ve got a few questions for you about the GPS unit you where using. Oh, and a little gentle reminder… :)” Last night I was dreaming that I was at… Continue Reading →

Contested Streets

I saw this wonderful (pardon I just couldn’t resist) video on on Copenhagenize earlier today about cycling in Copenhagen. This made me think about Contested Streets a documentary about Copenhagen and Jan Gehl an architect and urban planner. I watch… Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Bike : update

I blogged about the Beauty and the Bike last year, now there is a little update about this fantastic project in Darlington. Beauty and the Bike

Just an observation

This is by all means not a scientific study but just an observation by me. Over the last few weeks a I have been counting while cycling around town. 16 cyclist with bicycle helmet have jumped red light, totally blind… Continue Reading →

Getting a new passport

My passport has run out, yes I knew about it last year but was a bit lazy. I did have a few trips to do and didn’t want to run the risk of not going because the passport was not… Continue Reading →

SillyCyclist XI + XII

Went out on a pootle today with my partner, while we were stopped at a red light we met SillyCyclist number XI. Just as we were setting off from the light she came up on my inside. There were not… Continue Reading →

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