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Month November 2007

London cycle network

“The LCN+ is a planned 900km network of radial and orbital routes for cyclists covering the whole of London, which will be completed in 2009/2010.” That sound like a great plan and with all the other money that is coming… Continue Reading →

Go faster clips

“The next time you strap on that goofy helmet and head out on your bike to work, consider adding a pair of these Windrider Bicycle Clips to your ensemble” well I think that they are well cool, think how much… Continue Reading →

Friendly city cycling

“Being able to travel by bicycle somehow makes a giant metro area seem more friendly and relaxed. And, I agree could be a factor in attracting and retaining talented people” Now here is a few good links that is a… Continue Reading →

The X Bike Concept

just one look at the size of these wheels I know I will not get onto this bike in London, any pothole will eat them up in no time. Good idea for a folder though. Link : http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/11/marking_the_spo.php -extra


“We think walking in and around town can be a smart choice. No timetables to keep to, no journey delays, no overcrowding, healthy, green, free, direct, access to services (and sunlight!) en route.” I know I know it is about… Continue Reading →

The Zigo Leader

“The Zigo Leader also does a city bike (eight speed hub), three wheel carrier bike and a stroller, but ups the ante with the jogger option as well.” Looks like a great idea, though I think there is too many… Continue Reading →

Friday Night Ride London

Here is a list of the coming FNR routes … The 16th of Nov. 2007 – Withnail and us: We are retracing the footsteps of the classic/cult movie, Withnail and I. The 7th of Dec. 2007 – The Circle Line…. Continue Reading →

Bike Powered Notebook Computer

“As the bike’s instructions note, if you have trouble “squeezing in that daily exercise,” you can now “multitask with no problem–[you can] bike while you work!” ” Not the cycling I like but it is a good way to keep… Continue Reading →

New green folders

“Folding bikes allow their owners to fit them into buses, trains, yachts and even cars” New models are out, here is a few of them. Link : http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/11/buygreen-small-wheel-folding-bikes.php -extra

In Copenhagen Bicycles Overtake Cars

“As a result of half a century of planning, Copenhagen has achieved a fabulous cycling goal – during the morning rush hour more bikes and mopeds pound the inner city streets than personal cars and buses” Now we just need… Continue Reading →

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