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Month January 2010

Cycling in the snow

I have done my fair share of cycling in the snow and snow storms where I couldn’t see further than 50 metres ahead. Quite often I had to stop to remove the snow out of the wheels and away from… Continue Reading →

What a waste of a young life

A SCHOOLGIRL killed in an accident on her way home from school was riding a dangerous and unfit bicycle at the time, an inquest was told. Sadly this is a terrible way to remind you, but do check you and… Continue Reading →

DIY finds …

Today I was doing a spot of DIY, since we had a leak from upstairs and it rotted our carpet in the toilet. So a few weeks back I removed the carpet and found the old lino which only covered… Continue Reading →

Pot holes

So we managed a week or so of snow and icy roads here in London. Now comes the next menace to us cyclist. Pot holes !!! Just as the BBC article, Pothole and frozen pipe worries as ‘big freeze’ thaws,… Continue Reading →

New York New York

I hope that I’m allowed a bit or artistic licensing from old blue eyes, and re-write his song New York, New York. “If they can make it there, Then we make it anywhere, It’s up to you – New York,… Continue Reading →

L’esprit de l’escalier

The last few miles of a wonderful first ride of the year got ruined by a plonker. And now, after some hours thinking about what happened yesterday, I know that we should maybe have acted differently, since now it is… Continue Reading →

37% of People Commute by Bike.

In Copenhagen there is 37% of all people commuting to and from school, work and universities. But when you add the journeys to and from the shops and cinema e.g. all trips it is 55% by bicycle !! Mikeal from… Continue Reading →

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