forty legsWay back when in 1984-86 I was learning this new thing called computers. We had these lovely machines called Piccolo and later upgraded the Piccoline, green screen and big clunky keyboards.

NAME RC759 Piccoline
MANUFACTURER Regnecentralen
TYPE Professional Computer
ORIGIN Denmark
YEAR 1984
BUILT IN LANGUAGE None, mostly used with COMAL 80 or PASCAL.
KEYBOARD Full size QWERTY with Danish characters
CPU Intel 80186
SPEED Unknown
RAM 256 KB expandable to 512 KB
VRAM Unknown
ROM Unknown
TEXT MODES 80 columns x 24 lines
GRAPHIC MODES Yes, resolution unknown
COLOrsc Monochrome
SOUND Yes, unknown
I/O PORTS Printer, monitor, cassette player, remote printer/diskette, optional LAN
BUILT IN MEDIA 5 1/4 ”diskette station with printer interface, sharable between 4 computers
OS CP/M 86
POWER SUPPLY built-in switch mode

Yup cutting edge :)

Along with learning how to write COMAL 80 and PASCAL we had a go at word processing. So we had to come up with a story or some text to “word process” so we just came up with this story called “De fyre ben” aka The Forty Legs. It looked pretty good on printed out on a dot-matric printer, it had paragraphs and bold letters too.

Then around 14 years later I was looking for something to use to learn this new thing called Flash. Since it was pretty made for animation so why not use the Forty Legs for that and show it to my mate who I wrote the story with.

The thing I had visualised this animation should be made out to look like. Was stop motion, rough and simple graphic, but I couldn’t really get it as my skills were not that good. Then when I just about about to finish I saw the first ad for the little know show called South Park. Which was rather disappointing and heartbraking since that was just like I had visualised.

Then tonight I fell over a site that told me that you could convert .swf to HTML5 and just for a laugh I was thinking why not give it a go. And the only .swf files I had laying around, since me and Flash didn’t get going.

So bear with me and these links below, it is old and badly made and it is a converted files. And do remember that not all the links works so come back to this page to watch it all. Also it is a bit slow too so take your time and remember way back when www stood for the world wide wait.

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