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Making your own Kilt

When I first saw the utilikilts.com I knew that I wanted one. And with a weeding coming up that we couldn’t miss, I was searching one evening for photos of kilt to figure out which design I wanted. I also… Continue Reading →

The Fourty Legs

Way back when in 1984-86 I was learning this new thing called computers. We had these lovely machines called Piccolo and later upgraded the Piccoline, green screen and big clunky keyboards. NAME RC759 Piccoline MANUFACTURER Regnecentralen TYPE Professional Computer ORIGIN… Continue Reading →

There is no spoon

This, is right up there with the fact that we send shrimps caught in the North Sea to China to be peeled before they are shipped home to the supermarkets. Yes it is nice and convenient for us but we… Continue Reading →

Cold Callers

I have learnt that it is good to present yourself when you meet a new person. So you call a random phone number or knock on some random front door. It would be great if you tell the person you… Continue Reading →

UV protective clothing

Am I the only one who thin that UV protective clothing is just a load of … ? I have never been burned from the sun under my 100% cotton t-shirt or jeans or any other fabric I have worn…. Continue Reading →

L’esprit de l’escalier

The last few miles of a wonderful first ride of the year got ruined by a plonker. And now, after some hours thinking about what happened yesterday, I know that we should maybe have acted differently, since now it is… Continue Reading →

A new name …

… for a old game. Why do they still call it cricket ? Honestly how many cricket have you see at a game of cricket, probably less than the amount of sticks you see at a test match *). 12… Continue Reading →

Bright idea …

… from EDF The post man handed me today 4 low energy light bulbs today. 2 x 60W and 2 x 75W, all baronet fittings no screw fittings. All our light fitting which got baronet fittings does have a low… Continue Reading →

Hmm, I didn’t know …

… that I had. I received this text message today from +44 7719 385412 Our records indicate you may be entitled to 3750 pounds compensation for the Accident you had. To claim for free reply YES to this msg. 2… Continue Reading →

Chronophobia …

… the fear of time. Over the last few months every time I look to see what time it is, be it on the phone, PC, cycling computer or a clock on some building that I was passing. It has… Continue Reading →

No lake, better check Google Earth

In my dream last night I was getting someone to run across a dried out lake in a forest in Denmark. I woke up enough to to go “I’ll better check it out on Google Earth, because I can’t remember… Continue Reading →

The end …

… or is it a new start ? I have cleaned up my blog and moved it from Blogger.com to wordpress. And in result of that I’m deleting some of my old bloggings, which haven’t got anything to do with… Continue Reading →

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