Use Your Head - Stop at RedNow this is something good.

I hope that you’ll sign this, if you haven’t already. We (cyclists) are only hurting ourselves if we keep red light jumping (RLJ) and breaking the Highway Code in other ways.

The more cyclists who respect the code and show courtesy towards other road users and pedestrians, the better response we will get.

Any ways, no matter how fast I try to go from A to B at rush hours, there is only a couple of minutes between the “pecking it time” and the “take it easy and pootle time”. So relax and enjoy your ride and above all respect the law and smile.

Stopatred is a campaign to improve the status of cycling in the eyes of the public and policy-makers alike, and to tackle the attitudes of those cyclists whose behaviour perpetuates the image of cyclists as a low-status social ‘out-group’ on wheels.

Its specific focus is on the disregard of traffic signals.

It also has two general aims:
To encourage cyclists to show courtesy towards other road users and pedestrians.
To encourage greater compliance with the laws of the road.

Stopatred was created by concerned cyclists, alarmed about how the cause of cycling is being undermined by the reckless actions of an unrepresentative minority.

LINK : Stop at red