lego winter by avanautSince London, well south of England and other bit of this country is do for a bit of show over the next few days. I post these amazing LEGO Star Wars photo taken by a Finish photographer called Avanaut.

The setup is simple really: All I use is an old transparent CD storage box, some water and my trusty old A4 lightbox for lighting. For the bottom of the box I have a piece of gray Lego baseplate cut in form and hotglued on a piece of acrylic sheet to give it some weight. Legos float because of all the air trapped inside individual pieces

lego winter by avanaut

Star Wars and LEGO together, oh he does mix a bit of Indy into the mix too which made me laugh out loud.

LINK : – Beautiful lego in hoth photos have me in total awe
LINK : Avanaut’s photostream on Flickr