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Photographing LEGO

I had this idea a few days ago and took some photos of one of my favourite pastime, LEGO. I am an avid reader of Gizmodo but totally missed out on this shooting challenge : LEGO. (click here to see… Continue Reading →

Bah Humbug

As some of you might know I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas. I could happily live without it, it really gets on my nerves that it starts way back August. I could easily go into a massive rant here,… Continue Reading →

Massive LEGO update III

It has been a while since my last massive LEGO update, sorry but I have been busy planning our trip down under. I love playing chess but don’t get to do it that often and am nowhere near a Grandmaster…. Continue Reading →

Massive LEGO update II

Yeah I’m getting a wee bit lazy and therefore only put my LEGO news in one post now and again, so here is Massive LEGO update number II. For you Facebook addicts here is a LEGO version of it, Facebook… Continue Reading →

Massive LEGO update I

Sorry I have been a bit slack on posting about LEGO lately, so here is an update. One of my all time favourite arcade games is Pac-Man and now someone have made this machine, so that you can play all… Continue Reading →

LEGO town

This is one of the most amazing fantastic things I have ever seen build with Lego. How Dave DeGobbi got the idea I do not know it is simply put a work of art and something I would have loved… Continue Reading →

The dreams that bricks are made of

Some people look at Lego bricks and see great potential buried within them. In their hands Lego rises above its childhood origins and gets a chance to aspire, to be part of something great. In Warren Elsmore’s hands 11,000 Lego… Continue Reading →

Lego vs Rubik

I know which love the most but I have always have had a soft spot for the rubic cube. Now what a better mix than this a Lego robot controlled by a Nokia phone which solves a rubic cube. I… Continue Reading →

Lego Halo Fan Movie

I’m not a gamer and only know what I have read the odd place about the game called Halo. But I am a Lego person and when I spotted this trailer the other week, I was amazed. I had take… Continue Reading →

LEGO history

I don’t read the Daily Wail, well only there is something about cycling or LEGO. Their article, “When Lego lost its head – and how this toy story got its’ happy ending” is pretty good and tell us how LEGO… Continue Reading →

LEGO winter

Since London, well south of England and other bit of this country is do for a bit of show over the next few days. I post these amazing LEGO Star Wars photo taken by a Finish photographer called Avanaut. The… Continue Reading →

LEGO sorter, wrong.

Sorry this is showing my age. I’m from the old school of LEGO, back when the most fancy piece we had was a roof tile. The joy of play with LEGO is to search for that bit you just saw… Continue Reading →

LEGO Matrix

It have now been ten years since the Matrix was made. Here is a amazing little LEGO’mation of one of the famous scene. It took 440 hours of work and it was made just in time for the 10th anniversary… Continue Reading →

LEGO soul

What ever you say Lego does have a soul. The more you play with Lego the more alive it becomes. So when ever you build a house, car or a walking space shuttle with rolling feet’s that you use to… Continue Reading →

LEGO pop-up house

This is simply engineering in the highest degree, how can you just not love this. Taken from http://www.brothers-brick.com/. And as the poster over there says it takes your breath away. The builder notes in the video that he used 4,500… Continue Reading →

LEGO style earphones

I should have started this months ago well honestly years ago. Just so that I have an easy place to find all these cool links, so here goes. I know it is not really much to do with cycling but… Continue Reading →

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