diyToday I was doing a spot of DIY, since we had a leak from upstairs and it rotted our carpet in the toilet. So a few weeks back I removed the carpet and found the old lino which only covered half of the floor. Today I went to B&Q and got some self adhesive lino squares, to stick on top, simple job. Yes I know it took me some time to get started, but the toilet wasn’t broken and a floor is a floor, ok I’m lazy :)

I had to remove the old lino flooring first along with some of the old nails that was holding down the carpet. Which was very easy, though some of the old tiles below cracked even more than they were. That shouldn’t cause any problems while laying the lino on top.

While pulling the old lino off I had a little surprise. We all have pulled off the old wall paper and found a few layers under which had reviled the previous owners splendid taste. While doing DIY elsewhere I have found old notes on how to solve a problem while building the house in the first place or old news papers from times gone by.

Well from what I found today under the old lino clearly left by the person who did the last spot of DIY in the toilet. Tells me something about that person, well lets just say said person practice safe sex…