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Making your own Kilt

When I first saw the utilikilts.com I knew that I wanted one. And with a weeding coming up that we couldn’t miss, I was searching one evening for photos of kilt to figure out which design I wanted. I also… Continue Reading →

Enough said.

Social media

I’m on one or two of these, ok a few more of them. And if you work them well you can get good traffic to your website or blog. I do not run websites and blogs that gets lots of… Continue Reading →


Tim Wheatley have made this great little animation with a bicycle wheel and a little tune :) The Cyclotrope from tim Wheatley on Vimeo. Now that is something to use all my spare parts on. Cyclotrope

Bounce !

Thank you all for coming and all the facebook, email, sms or how ever you managed to congrats me :) I had a splendid day, didn’t have time to talk to you all long enough, I think there was at… Continue Reading →

DIY finds …

Today I was doing a spot of DIY, since we had a leak from upstairs and it rotted our carpet in the toilet. So a few weeks back I removed the carpet and found the old lino which only covered… Continue Reading →

La Linea

La Linea is one of my favourite cartoons. Danish television use to show this quite often when I was a kid, kinda as a pause, break thing between programs. I just fell over this one today and it made me… Continue Reading →

Luxo Jr. from Pixar

Was at the moving pictures yesterday and saw the latest collaboration between PIXAR and Disney called UP. Simply loved it really it lived up to the reputation of these companies. It was good to see 3D really working. Though it… Continue Reading →

Does Dream Cream …

… make you dream more ? Around 2 months ago Peli’s mum gave us a pot of Dream Cream from Lush, thank you. Don’t get me wrong it is a very good cream and I have used too, but not… Continue Reading →

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