This is a great story and he got me beat with 16 stones, way to go !

I was at 20+ stones (130kg give or take) when I started to cycle again. It was hard to get back in the saddle the first few months. And I did fall asleep into my dinner at night and was not going out on the weekend, not that I didn’t want too just just that I was utterly knackered. Now I’m hovering around the 15 stones, where I feel very happy and can walk up one flight of stairs without being out of breath.

Gary Brennan, from Hyde, Greater Manchester was at a whopping 39 stones (247kg give and take) when he got back on the bike. He is now at 17 stones and his target is 14 stones. The gastric bypass operation has now been cancelled and he has just beaten his own record on the 100km.

If he can do it and I (lazy bones himself) can do it so can you. Get on your bicycle, enjoy, have fun, see some of the neighbourhood that you haven’t seen before. Join a gym, walk to the corner shop with your imaginary dog if you don’t have a real one (and then around the block on the way home), ride your bicycle.

Three simple rules : 1/ do it often. 2/ don’t push it too hard (start slow and build it up). 3/ have fun, lot’s of fun. The more you do 1 the funnier 3 becomes if you just remember 2.

Oh the best part of this is, that I can eat as much ice cream and cake I want now without worrying :)

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