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Asthma UK’s Beach to Beach Bike ride

I just got this sent to me, sound like a grand day out and for a good cause. Asthma UK’s Beach to Beach Bike ride is a 2 day cycling event from Bournemouth to Brighton taking place from Saturday 19th… Continue Reading →

Bike Week 2011

I have found the dates for this years Bike Week. Britain Bike Week 2011 will take place 18th – 26th June nationwide. The website is still a bit out of date, but you can send an email to hq@bikeweek.org.uk and… Continue Reading →

School pupils given free bikes to ride to classes

Now this is a splendid idea and a very good move by the headteacher Mark Ranford at Berry Hill High School, I tip my hat. Almost 60 new pupils at a secondary school have been given free bikes so they… Continue Reading →

39 stone cyclist (not any more)

This is a great story and he got me beat with 16 stones, way to go ! I was at 20+ stones (130kg give or take) when I started to cycle again. It was hard to get back in the… Continue Reading →

Changes in the air

Well I have now read two articles in the Daily Mail which is about cycling where cyclist are not being put out to hang. No they are rather good articles and articles that is normally seen in the Guardian or… Continue Reading →

Bicycle lawn mower

I can remember years ago where I was cutting grass for my folks, neighbours etc to get some pocket money. I enjoyed doing it at my grandparents since granddad always kept the lawn mower sharp and well oiled and my… Continue Reading →

Skyrides dates

The dates are out, ok I’m a bit slow to post them. While Team Sky’s professional road-racing team aims to take on the world, Sky Ride aims to get more people of all ages and abilities out on their bikes… Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Bike : update

I blogged about the Beauty and the Bike last year, now there is a little update about this fantastic project in Darlington. Beauty and the Bike

Bike week 2010

There had been some confusion about when the Bike Weeks when be in 2010. I think that bikeweek.org.uk have now set it in stone, 19-27 of June 2010. This year it is sponsored by EdF and they have set up… Continue Reading →

Cycle snacks

The Spanish inventor Pep Torres invented a cycle vending machine. Where you have to cycle to get a treat, e.g. you have to burn some calories before you can eat your candy. Even the Times call this the The Human-Powered… Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Bike

Now this is a great project and a very uplifting short film, Beauty and the Bike. If they can get teenage girls to start to cycle again in Darlington, why not elsewhere here in the UK. They are right teenagers… Continue Reading →

Take the 2 mile bicycle challenge

I fell over this article on Planet Green the other day, Take the 2 Mile Bicycle Challenge. Which states that 40 percent of everyday travel in the U.S. are trips of 2 miles or fewer, which got me thinking what… Continue Reading →

Start riding now

Today I read this article over on the Telegraph, Copenhagen climate conference Danes launch campaign to get the world cycling. And it got me wondering why the UK has such a hard time in get on their bikes. The first… Continue Reading →

Old boy racers get on their bikes

So what is stopping you ? “Every week on the roads around Glasgow a group of men aged between 65 and 89 take to the saddle, armed with a makeshift kettle and a lust for life.” If these you lads… Continue Reading →

How we as cyclist are seen

The fella on ibikelondon has a valid point in his article, Public face of cycling. We now have an image of cyclist which either scared others off the idea of riding a bicycle. Trying to get new people to start… Continue Reading →

Creative cycling

Trying to follow a route on the London Cycle Network(LCN) or National Cycle Network(NCN) you have to put on your thinking hat. Because you have to be a bit creative with your cycling. Signs pointing the wrong way, signs not… Continue Reading →

Cycling is healthy

Cycling is healthy. It’s one of the best all round workouts. It’s also low impact, so therefore very good for your body. Lots of evidence suggests that cycling helps you look and feel 10 years younger. So, get on your… Continue Reading →

Cycling is good for you.

I’m still shocked that by changing my diet (a little) and picking up my bicycle again, I have managed to shed 5 stones+ (30Kg +) over the last 2 years. But this man have me beat ‘Large Fella on a… Continue Reading →

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