remember Monday soooo far back in history that we have nearly forgotten that it ever happened. You might remember it as a day, that I was happy and full of hope for the first time in over 830’ish days.

Over the last two days Mayhem has said that she would remove freedom of movement, e.g one of the corner stones of the EU, right to live and work anywhere in the EU for all EU citizens. Plus not giving time to Channel 4 and Channel 5 journalist to interview her after the Tory conference, which has been a tradition since way back when.

Oh and a side note the foreign secretary of the UK, Jeremy Hunt, compared the EU to the Soviet Union, well that fills one such joy, doesn’t it.

Today we are celebrating that 28 years ago that East and West Germany became one, in probably the biggest celebration of free movement since WWII in Europe.  (yes I know the unification haven’t been all gold and honey, but it’s darn sight better than what it was) 

I feel sick to the core, what is the word I’m looking for … oh yes here it is : aaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!