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Well that is nice …

Status …

Well then, I should be cheerful then – “I am pleased to inform you that your application under the EU Settlement Scheme has been successful and that you have been granted Indefinite Leave in the United Kingdom under Appendix EU… Continue Reading →


I wrote this to a friend a cross the pond, not really a nice “How are you and we are grand” email. Hope you lot is doing well, while the virus is spiralling out of control in the US. The… Continue Reading →

Brave New 1984 on the Farm

This week has just gone totally Brave New 1984 on the Farm, with individual #1 going after social media, journos who speaks out against the government getting corked, journos who protect the government getting told keep on going, ministers laughing… Continue Reading →

Got the point?

So it is getting to close to me, most of the people I have meet here who have worked, paid taxes and become brilliant friends and addition to the UK. None of us would have been able to pass the… Continue Reading →

Auld Lang Syne

Boy, watching the vote and the singing in the parliament really hit hard. Black dog, alcohol and my collection of swear words (it’s rather big knowing Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, French, English and spot of Spanish and others) is going… Continue Reading →

75 years ago

In a few days it will be 75 years ago. At the moment I feel way too close for comfort to that day. I struggle to get my words out and it scares the living shit out of me and… Continue Reading →

Please read!

This is the Settled Status Survey Report that the wonderful Prof Tanja Bueltmann (@cliodiaspora) and The 3 Million (@the3million) and others, wrote up about applying for Settle Status and living in the UK/EU after the referendum in 2016. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gYRREyjC1LW9Mk4fReeS848kHbtPK2ao/view and… Continue Reading →


I’m utterly amazed the amount of Meh, the Brits are displaying. I know I live in one bubble with my anti-brexit friends, but I do have a look outside now and again. I have noticed that our MP pretty much… Continue Reading →

I’m raging

So someone kills a fox with a bat and people on twitter goes mad and the top 4 trending topics are about foxes, cruelty and the person who killed said fox. Yes I agree not the best way to dispatch… Continue Reading →


Call 116 123 for free (UK)Yesterday I called the Samaritans, not to get help* but to thank them for their great work, I could throw £££ at them but it will mean nothing to me, but I will throw £££… Continue Reading →

Don’t live here anymore

Well that is it, I don’t live here anymore. I just exist/visit/part time or what ever you can call it. Yes, there is a few pints in me this evening. But the country I loved to live in and called… Continue Reading →


I know I don’t often write/rant here anymore, but that is because the whole Brexit thing is just so bad, every day something worse, more lies comes out. But today was a right old blow to the gut after nearly… Continue Reading →

Are you ok with this?

https://twitter.com/MikeStuchbery_/status/1170378258275287042?s=20 I for one fucking ain’t! That is one of the few I have seen from today. I makes me sick to the core and scares me shitless

Our future …

I have read/heard in/on newspapers/podcast that there is talk about Tory + Brexit Party deal.  I have felt since people first started to talk about having another referendum vote, that the stay in the EU has a good chance of… Continue Reading →

Rejoice ?

Well we just passed the first deadline for Brexit, 23.00 on 29.03.19. Though I really don’t know if I should be cheerful or continue the depression. I saw many tweets by people saying something along the lines of “Happy non… Continue Reading →

50 days

Scared, depressed, pissed off. Still not a clue to what our future will be. This is going to be fun … In the last 25 year I have been … self employed, travelled, PAYE, sick, not claimed, in rentals without… Continue Reading →


Erasmus technical notice published today reveals government does not intend to fund any new student exchange projects after brexit in the event of a no deal: that means there could be no funding to support study abroad for 2019 and… Continue Reading →

Saw RED!

Last night I saw RED, just pure rage. For nearly 935 days the gov.uk, with Mayhem and her loons, have ignored and not agreed to speak to the wonderful people that is #InLimbo (ourbrexitblog.org) and #the3million (the3million.org.uk) and others about… Continue Reading →

900 days

So I “celebrated” 900 days in limbo with yet another sleepless night. Thanks to the way that Mayhem runs this country (to the ground).  I was hoping that there would be a vote today in the Parliament and that would… Continue Reading →

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