I’m utterly amazed the amount of Meh, the Brits are displaying.

I know I live in one bubble with my anti-brexit friends, but I do have a look outside now and again.

I have noticed that our MP pretty much didn’t vote on anything this week. He and the other the loons have voted against :

protecting the right for unaccompanied child refugees to be reconciled with their family after Brexit


Right to permanent residence for EU citizens settled prior to Brexit

Ability to appeal against Settled Status decisions

Among other things.

Why the feck aren’t there demos on the streets? In France less have been tried to be voted into law and the demos have been going on for over a year.

Not even interested that their future is royally fecked. I accept democracy, if it is fair and honest, so if the UK really voted out, let’s leave, but not to care about that what ever stupid deal the loons in #10 are dreams up, which WILL feck the UK up big time, I do not get.

I’ve seen a few people say we survived the 3 day week/miners strike/Thatcher so we will be fine. Erm it wasn’t gold, honey and roses back then, do you really want to ensure that hardship again, just for laughs, especially when you can avoid it.

This lot of MPs who call themselves our government, I have nothing left for them, other than rage.

That is why I haven’t got interest in talking to anyone new anymore, because if I find out they support these loons, I got a strong feeling that this meeting with end badly.

ATM my emotions are shredded and I don’t think I can be my normal clam self. 

Not only are they going after people like me but themselves and worse of all they are making my wife future hell.

I’m not keen on babies but there is a little nephew in the family now and these loons are fecking up his future and that depresses, scares and angers me no end. 

As wonderful Janey Godley says ‘I’m raging”