So I “celebrated” 900 days in limbo with yet another sleepless night. Thanks to the way that Mayhem runs this country (to the ground). 

I was hoping that there would be a vote today in the Parliament and that would have lead to a People’s Vote / Final say, soon. Yes I know a weak hope, but after this long, I’m grasping at anything just to make it stop. 

I have noticed that the ones who want a Brexit, clearly don’t want another vote, and can’t come up with another plan/deal, that even benefits themselves. 

Whereas the people who wants to remain in the EU, not only do they want to cancel Article 50 / stay in the EU, but are also calling for a People’s Vote / Final say. 

Which option is the most democratic? 

So with the holiday and other time off, there is only 62’ish working days left – between now and March 29th of 2019 at 11PM – for to get their act together.

This just fills me with so much joy … who the feck am I kidding … aarrgghh !