I have just got back from my holidays. Cycled 260 miles north on our touring bicycles and only had two incidents, where only one of them was outside London. An overtaking taxi who was very close to me on way back from the station, a nice welcome back.

Anywho, there I was cycling in front of my partner who is 2-3 metres behind me. We are coming to a hill where there is parked cars on the left hand side. We both started too pull out away from the door zone after we have checked that it is clear to do so. A black sedan was behind us and as we cleared of the brow of the hill and we all can see clearly down the road, the black sedan overtook us with plenty of space.

Behind my partner there is now a 4×4 driven by a lady, how do you know that I hear you ask, well I look back regularly :) I had even spotted it when I saw the black sedan. If the driver of said 4×4 had bothered to look a little bit further than the bonnet of the vehicle she is in, she would have seen …

– That the black sedan, had come to a halt at a T-junction and is getting ready to turn right into the side road.
– That the reason for it to coming to a halt is that a grey sedan is coming out of the side road and that the black sedan is waiting so that there is room for it to continue into the side road.
– That the grey sedan is turning left up the hill where we all are coming down from.

In that situation I would have hoped that she would stayed behind as there is clearly no room to overtake and that there is no benefit to do such manoeuvre. But I was wrong …

She then overtook my partner with plenty of space on the other side of the road. But as she was overtaking me she then figured out that there was no room for said manoeuvre. The silver sedan had to hold back as the 4×4 was in the wrong lane, she the driver of the 4×4 stared to pull into the left. Have a wild guess who would have been to her left at that point ?

Me, and I would have been pushed of my bicycle if I haven’t I had foreseen all this. So as she was over taking me, I hit the brakes to give her room to do her numpty manoeuvre. I said out loud “who is the numpty now” which she heard. She then pulled over to her left and stopped. We passed her again while she was trying to say something.

She then overtook us again and pulled up next to me while she was on the wrong side of the road and said “I did nothing wrong there” and continued to pull further into the left into my space as there was on coming traffic. To which I said you are doing it again …

Sorry me duck, you are still a SillyDriver.