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Who to blame

After yet another tragic death in London, where my thoughts are with the family, it made me think, so sorry for my ramblings below. I do not know the precise details of how this latest incident happened, but it was… Continue Reading →

SillyDriver V + VI, why the need?

Why do you have the need, urge, craving, rush, desire to absolutely be ahead of a cyclist? We (cyclists) see it every day where a SillyDriver, I have talked about it here too before, just has to be in front… Continue Reading →

Even cyclists need a refresher

The other day I was a passenger in a car, not something that often happens as I tend to cycle everywhere. What got me to put ‘pen to paper’ was the way the driver overtook a cyclist and the driver’s… Continue Reading →

SillyDriver III

I have just got back from my holidays. Cycled 260 miles north on our touring bicycles and only had two incidents, where only one of them was outside London. An overtaking taxi who was very close to me on way… Continue Reading →

SillyDriver II

Why is it that you as a driver are more than happy to drive behind a other motor vehicle at 2mph or sit and wait in a queue that is going nowhere fast. But for the life of you, you… Continue Reading →

What are the odds ?

Humans really baffle me. If I were an betting man I wouldn’t put money on us lot passing our 30th year. And yet we quite often pass the average age of 70-odd years. The amount of stupid things I see… Continue Reading →

SillyDriver I

Well since I have the SillyCyclist and SillyCyclelLanes going I thought that it would be a good idea to also have a SillyDriver section. And I will start this section off with a small pop quiz. Q: Picture this, you… Continue Reading →

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