Today I learned that a great London blogger have honoured me with using the same(‘ish) title as me for some of my posts. aka cyclegaz on Twitter have some great videos on youtube about SillyCyclists.

It is great to see what I have been going on about for so long. We cyclist as a whole are responsible for the way others see us on the road. And when either reading my posts about the matter or better yet seeing them on youtube or real life. You can understand why people always say that cyclist always jump red lights, cycle on the pavement etc.

With seeing these videos I shutter thinking about the idea that BoJo has about letting cyclist turn left at the red light. It will only attract more desperate cyclist to sneak up on the inside because you just have to be in front. Even with the new trixie mirrors at the junctions and the extra mirrors on the HGVs it will not help much at all, since we got so many SillyCyclists out there.