Is it just me that is annoyed by the the so called sleeping police men, that are scattered all around our fine city to calm down the traffic.

1/ They do invite you as a cyclist to move into the door zone. Please don’t as when you do so you invite other road users to over take you. Not a safe or comfortable place to be, squeezed in between a parked car on your left, which door could fly open at any time, with another speeding past you on your right in a narrow space.

Taking the right position on the road as a cyclist it will take you right over these things, which I know is quite annoying and it will ruin a good ride. But the discomfort from doing so is nothing to the discomfort of being doored.

2/ And then there is the name of these thing – Sleeping police men. I mean who in their right mind would go out unto a road and sleep? Dear officer of the law you will not have a great night sleep out there and you will soon cease to be a sleeping police man you will be a …. police man.

So can we go back to call them speed humps.