jackpot, 50p diy find Our washing machine started a few weeks back to blink all its light like a discotheque. With a bit of random pressing of buttons and opening and closing the door we got it running. But over the weekend no matter how much pressing. swearing and dancing it would not do anything other than blink its lights.

So today I started to do a wee bit searching on the net and came up to a few things I could do. Armed with a Phillips screwdriver and my solar light cap I set to work. Pulled out the washing machine, took off the back panel and started to poke around, well I knew what I was looking for. I managed to get the jubilee clip off the last bit of hose before the pump, there is probably a technical name for that bit.

And in there I found a few hair bands, curtain hooks, some paper/plastic bits and 50p in change :)

Oh yeah the washing machine still blinked but it started.

UPDATE : at it finished its circle it made some worrying noises …