If we really want to cut down on the congestion and pollution in a big city like London. We got to cut down on how many bus stops there are.

Look at the map above, it is in Wandsworth and bus number 295 comes from Clapham Junction along, Plough Road and then turn onto York Road. In a distance of less than a half a mile there is five, yes count them five, bus stop.

1/ That will just make people lazy.
Instead of walking this very short distance, google says it would take around 9 minutes. People will get on the bus, which will create more pollution, congestion and an unfit/lazy population.

2/ Create more congestion.
Every time the bus have to stop and start it will cause other traffic to slow down which then will create a bottle neck.

3/ Create more pollution.
Every time the bus have to stop and start it will create more pollution. And will cause other road users to do the same, when they start and stop because of the bus. Can you see the nasty circle here.

On a short distance as this there should only be 2-3 bus stops not five!!

Walk it, ride it and if you really have to take the bus make it a journey, not just one stop. It will better for you in the long run.