When was the last time you wrote something by hand? What was it?

My hand writing has never been any good, you would think that I was a doctor if only saw my hand printed scribbles. It has only become worse the more I have access to technology.

If you look away from the spelling and typo’s and like me wished that grammar was never invented, I’m pretty fast at typing.

I really do like that I can take a note on my phone, have it ready on my laptop – without having to retype it – and that it is backed up right away too.

So many times: I have put pen to paper to note down something. To second later, look at it again and only see something that looks like a random doodle.

Is that an eight, naa can’t be … three … erm?

Then later learn, that I was writing down the name of the person I was speaking too.

At least with typing, it is in a font that I can read right away, and don’t have to spend time to decode the “hieroglyphic”. Which is silly to say, because they have decoded that now, where as my scribbles will be forever be a secret, even to me.

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