What are the earliest memories of the place you lived in as a child? Describe your house. What did it look like? How did it smell? What did it sound like? Was it quiet like a library, or full of the noise of life? Tell us all about it, in as much detail as you can recall.

Going a wee bit of prompt today, but still is about early memories.

My mum tells me the story: That when I was a wee nipper, I fell asleep in my cot. While watching a neon frog crawling up and down a chimney. That could be seen from the balcony of the flat we lived in at the time.

I have no clue what it is for or why there was a neon frog on that chimney. I can’t remember anything from that time at all.

Many years later, I was visiting a friend at his workplace and they had a little get together on the roof garden. As the sun was setting, the light of the town got turned on and so did the neon frog. On the chimney, that is located pretty much in the middle of a straight line between the offices and my old home.

The rush of “memories” came flooding in, not that I remembered anything about it, I you follow me. It was more the feelings than a memory. I could feel how happy and the joy I felt way back when in the cot. I had to call my mum up and tell her where I was, I think that I didn’t make much sense at first. Since I had drunk few beers by that time and I was bit overwhelmed with memory and feelings :)

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