Hmm settle for a short ramble. 

Over the last few weeks (heck even months) we have heard that we are going to use a motorway as an overflow car park, near Dover.

The military is being called in to deliver supplies of food and medicine.

According to what SKY News dug up the various councils haven’t got a plan B. And is already preparing for social unrest when the shelves runs dry. 

Along with deciding to release its own studies about what would happen after Brexit, because they fear that people wouldn’t like it. (Then why the heck do it when you know it will be a massive feckup)

To me it seems that the is spending more time to plan for chaos and is more prepared for a “spot” of rioting in the streets. Along with not really looking too concerned that it could end up that way. OK I know that many of these plans was drawn up back when we had the cold war looming over us, so they have just been updated a bit to fit with today.

If only could pull their fingers out, grow a back bone, as they said pull up their sleeves and make this work. Only thing I see is utter chaos,  Ihaven’tgotaclue’ism, let’s blame someone else for the mess and loads I can’t be arsed to make this work (I’m looking at you DD who only spend 4 hours in meetings) from everyone who supposed to make a better deal for us.

Honestly I nearly would be ok with the leaving the EU* if they actually had a plan and could be arsed to make it work. But then again that is an oxymoron, cause if they had people who were smart enough and understood it all, they would soon see that it would be a bad idea to leave. 

*The as it stands right now nearly deserves to be kicked out of the union because of the bad behaviour. This is not cricket. Sadly we can’t kick the “management” out and start again, because that is not how it works.