Yup the free and cool country I grew up in – ain’t. The things I read and hear are shocking.

Over the twenty+ years I have been outside DK. I have mainly been in the UK with three years in France. I have been PAYE(at companies the are still around and not around anymore), unemployed (claimed and self supported), self employed, “retired” (didn’t claim, but quit to be able to next point), travelling and sick, zero hours.

Along with flat sharing (in my name, in landlords name or what ever combination a flat share gives) sleeping on couches and owned my own house.

So finding finding a period where I tick the boxes – five years, worked, not claimed, had the not needed or told about insurance, name on a utility bill etc. Oh and I need to report every trip out of the UK too.

I have also been a good person and kept all my paperwork for the last seven years and then binned then as the tax man don’t need further back.

But reading about others who have been in more simple position, with all the paperwork and got more years than me. Heard one person who send in over 2.1kg in paper. The hazzle and the time they have used to fill in the 85 pages for all the time the spend in the UK.

And so I could go on, it is a mountain I haven’t planned to climb, and don’t know if I need to.