So Mrs Mayhem is appalled as a Vicar’s daughter, that the word Easter is left out of an​ add campaign.

Yet, she pop off to Saudi Arabia and sends her Trade Minister to the Philippines, both countries with VERY questionable human rights history. Oh I forgot she also cut benefit to the most needed.

How the heck can she be a proud Christian?

With this weeks attack with chemicals in Syria, which two days later the UN condemns. I’m sure that the nutters who did it, are shiting bricks right now.

We, yes us vermins living on this rock we call home, set up things in Geneva, Den Haag and the UN. Where we have various agreement, rules and international laws to stop us being idiots. Yet, we still do dumb shit.

I really struggle to get shocked and horrified* when we hear about yet another place in the world. Where one group of nutters have killed, often many others, in yet another unimaginable way.

Since before the wars in the former Yugoslavia**/***. I haven’t seen anything​coming out of the UN, Haag etc stopping us. I think the first time it clicked for me was when I saw Killing Fields, mass murderers and people still try to out do the last lost of life.

Yes, I know there is the WWII and many others, but didn’t we really agree that now is the time to put our foot down after ’45. The UN and Den Haag and all the international agreements is now the law of the land. And if someone is naughty we will go after them and throw the key away.

We have had many wars and each time the news, the international community and now in the last few years social media, comes out in “hives” erm solidarity and condemns that war. A week or so later and sometimes even earlier/faster, another group of numpties out do the last lot of nutters.

We go and tighten the agreements/laws and yet people die. Simply because no one on the ground are scared of the big bad wolf erm Geneva, UN or Haag. Because what is happening on the ground they are more busy trying to stay alive. Than thinking, if I put a bullet in their head or cut them open, I will not get to collect $200.

I searched the ‘tinternet when Bosnia and Kosovo was at its worst. It wasn’t very hard to find the uncensored photos from there. I have read and heard what happened in Rwanda in great detail. And from my understanding what is going on in Syria got that beaten.

The news media try to tell us what is going on and when the odd report or photo gets published. We then break out in hives talking about if we should or shouldn’t be showing photos like that. Not about how we can stop it or help the people who it is happening to.

This leads me to my * from before. I can’t describe and I know the news media is struggling too. I have never used a thesaurus so much in my life, only use it to figure out what the new word is, when a war is on. The news uses another definition of a word, it gets hashtagged and then we all go numb to that words meaning. If we use that word again when the next battle kicks off, we just go – meh!

** The wars in the former Yugoslavia is the first war that hit it home for me. I had visited three times before and fell in love with the country and the people there. Also I was then also old enough to really understand that a war is bigger than the country it is in. Spill over into neighbouring countries either with guns/death or refugees. Long lasting​ effect on humans and the country etc etc.

*** The wars in the former​ Yugoslavia is also a brilliant example of how little the international community scared or to some extend cares. EU and others wagged their fingers at the waring nutters – don’t do that or else. Nutters did do that and else never happened, so they did do that more and more. Heck, when a peace keeping force with international backing packed thier bags, or looked the other way, when they got some pressure from the nutters, lots of people died, just because the community didn’t have the guts to stand up for themselves or was a deterring enough. (Talking about UNPROFOR in Srebrenica)

Yup, I haven’t got the answer how to stop people poke each others with a sharp stick or whatever crazy bat shit ideas people come up with when they want to hurt other fellow humans. The idea of throwing bombs at people to stop them throwing bombs. Is just silly, we all know how that ends up.

So any ideas?