Well this fills me with a warm feeling of happy happy joy joy …


… who the feck am I trying to kid. Heck no this just shows that I’m (and many others) will not be welcome here anymore and pretty much put last the the queue for everything. Even if we have been here for years, 20+ in my case. Again I’m lost for words. One thing I can say is that it is happening in DK and US too (to name a few places) And in UK and DK I know people – heck even family members – who have voted for this to happen. My future is just filled with certain uncertainty now, with added hate not just from just nutty voters but also people in power.

Two of the nutters who are shouting the most about this, Drumpf and Nigel, both have partners who are immigrants. Don’t know how they can shout this out while married to one they want out OR how their wives can be married to someone who is shouting this drivel out. I just don’t/can’t …. arrgghhhghgh