We were on our last leg of our great trip up north. Cycling back from the station and had just endured the H##L that is SW6 when the football is on. Why the heck the council let people park on the main, but still not wide enough, roads on match days, I do no know. Buses can’t even get through and had to used the other side of the road to pass a parked car and the central bollards.

Anywhooo we were coming down one of the side road near home. I was about five meters a head of Peli, coming up to a right turn. I saw a gap in the traffic and went for it, nice and clear. Peli waited behind the give way lines for the traffic on the main road.

Then I heard her shout, I looked back to see her pointing at the people carrier behind her. And I then heard that she was telling the driver that he was hitting her pannier.

I couldn’t turn around to come to her aid because of traffic, but she held her ground very well and more expletive shouting was well shouted. Simply because the SillyDriver continued to nudge forward and push Peli’s panniers and now bike forward.

There was no way that the SillyDriver would have missed her, she had bright rear lights on, I could hear her around 50 meters away and she was right in front of the car.

How the heck can you in your right mind, continue to drive forward while someone is shouting at you and is right in front of you, that I do not know.

I managed to turn around and as I was approaching I could see that Peli was clearly looking strait at the driver and the driver was looking right at her. He then started to wave that “I’m sorry wave” but still nudging forward. This happened at the same time as Peli moved forward to get away from the SillyDriver, to safety. Which was out on the main road that have now cleared. He then speeded away, probably because he saw a gap between Peli and the parked cars or was it because I was coming towards him at speed.

You my fellow road users are my SillyDriver number IV.