We just had “Your South Fulham” update drop through our letter box today. With a massive front page article which leads into two more pages inside.

“Cycle race will test Fulham residents ahead of Olympics” is the headline, which goes onto telling us that the whole of Fulham will have road closures on the 14th of August 2011. Along with other horror stories like you should avoid taking the tube that day if you are planing to go to the airports or a main line train.

This is, a dress rehearsal for the Olympics, a major international cycle race called London-Surry Cycle Classic. France, Italy and Spain and many other European countries hold these races all the time. And I haven’t heard any moan about it, when I have been abroad. They have all enjoyed it.

A BRILLIANT way to promote cycling and a great day out for the family. This is really a once in a life time event for many Londoners and Hammersmith and Fulhammers (or what ever they call themselves). Come 2012 this will be the best opportunity to see the athlete at work because nearly all the other Olympic event on the agenda are tickets only, this on is FREE, just rock up and watch one of the best sporting events there is in the world.

H&F you can do better than this, grab the bull by the horns so to speak and make this a great event, street parties, carnivals etc and let’s CELEBRATE cycling, instead of moaning.

Unfortunately I’m booked to work that day, but I do hope I get to see it as it is right outside my front door.