World bicycle reliefWorld bicycle relief is something that I can support and will.

They are training people how to fix a bicycle in a place where there isn’t a bicycle shop that can service your bicycle for 400 km. The bicycles they are building are simple, not light weight since they are build to take up to 100Kg. Using a bicycle riding a bicycle increases one’s capacity to carry by 5 times. And you can easy do a journey on your bicycle where it would take up to four times longer on foot.

World Bicycle Relief was founded in 2005 by SRAM Corporation and Trek Bicycle in response to the December 2004 tsunami that swept the Indian Ocean, and now they are doing Project Zambia.

World Bicycle Relief has partnered with a USAID-funded, World Vision-led coalition of relief organizations to address the HIV/AIDS crisis in Zambia. We will provide 23,000 bicycles to community home-based care volunteers, disease prevention educators and vulnerable households. We are also training and equipping more than 400 bicycle mechanics in the field. The program will reach more than 500,000 adults, orphans and vulnerable children.

Tendai’s Dream, is a great story how a bicycle helped her to get to and from her school 5 miles away. If a bicycle can help her and make her life better, think what it could do to you here in London, where I’m sure that you are living much closer.

LINK : velonews : world bicycle project zambia
LINK : world bicycle relief