A SCHOOLGIRL killed in an accident on her way home from school was riding a dangerous and unfit bicycle at the time, an inquest was told.

Sadly this is a terrible way to remind you, but do check you and your loved ones bicycles over now and again. Click here to read what I wrote, “a plea to parents”, then again you don’t need to be a parent. to carry out a simple check on your bicycle.

Last night, assistant deputy coroner Richard Whittington called on schools and parents to teach children basic cycle maintenance.

Hear Hear, the state of bicycles I see every day is really shocking. And I don’t work in a bicycle repair shop, I just commute in London and teach Bikeability as schools.

Not only do the kids need to know how to tell if there is something wrong and even able to fix them. But the parents need and SHOULD check the bicycle over REGULARLY and if they can’t fix the bicycle TAKE IT TO A LOCAL BICYCLE SHOP!

But parents who are the (and should be) responsible one, really don’t care and see the bicycle as a toy which IT IS NOT!

Quite often they give little Jr. a Magic Hat*), which is also often ill fitted **). And that ticks the box that say “little Jr. is safe and sound”. Then they don’t think about the state of the bicycle or how and were little Jr. is riding it, because he is safe as he got a lid***) on.

I do not know what kind of bicycle she was riding, but my money is on a BSO, since that is what most kids are riding. They are of pour materials and quite often never put together right and will fall apart fast even when used with care.

Sad and tragic lost of life.

LINK : Herald Series – Girl cyclist, 11, fell into path of lorry.

*), ***) Magic Hat and Lid is nick names for a bicycle helmet.
**) If you choose to wear a helmet, please do fit it correctly, remember an ill fitted helmet is as good as wearing no helmet at all.